The Asbestos Debate is Over

Almost 45 years following the historic 1964 NY Academy of Medicine conference in New York experts continue to memorialize the history of asbestos related disease. Now enters, defense expert John E. Craighead, who has written his viewpoint on the subject.

Asbestos is one of the modern world’s most historic occupational medical disasters. Not only is it well documented, it continues not to be banned in the US , in fact, the incidence of asbestos related disease reported has turned upward, according to recently released NIOSH data (1979-2003.

In a recent review of the Craighead volume, the New England Journal of Medicine, has called it, “….highly personalized with strong individual viewpoints. It is less authoritative as a source for risk assessment and litigation issues.”

Yet others have including: Victor L. Roggli (Pathology of Asbestos-Associated Diseases), Barry I. Castleman (Asbestos: Medical and Legal Aspects, Fifth Edition) and Paul Brodeur (Outrageous Misconduct) have followed in the historic footsteps of the late, Irving J. Selikoff, MD and have guided us to seek a remedy and cure for wrongdoings of the past.

The asbestos debate is over. It is no longer time to profit from the debate and sell controversy. It is no longer time to allow this product to be sold anywhere in the world for profit. It is time to direct attention to provide medical treatment to those who suffer from asbestos related illness and draw our attention to find a cure for this disease.



Paul Brodeur

Irving J. Selikoff, MD