Do the AMA Guides Have Any Place in the Workers' Compensation System?

The great debate continues over whether the AMA Guides have any place in the workers' compensation system. During a recent interview with Dr. Christopher Brigham, Senior contributing editor of the AMA Guides 6th Edition and Todd McFarren, past President of the Work Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG) and president-elect of CAAA, the issues were crystallized.

The AMA Guides measure "impairment" and most if not all workers' compensation acts provide benefits for "disability.' Additionally there are many other negative changes in Guides including lower values and the elimination of pain as a factor.

There has been a national uproar created over the adoption and use of the AMA Guides 6th Edition. A question has now been raised as to whether they should be relied upon at all in the workers' compensation area.

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