A class of patients who allege that they were overcharged for needed medical services including: blood tests, drugs and durable goods, filed a class action lawsuit recently. The Court handling the case has ruled that the case can proceed against Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co. (CIGNA).

CIGNA hired OptumRx Inc. as its pharmacy benefit manager to negotiate drug prices on behalf of CIGNA and the CIGNA network. The lawsuit alleges that the two companies conspired over many years to make consumers pay higher prices for prescription drugs. 

The litigation accuses Cigna of engaging in a scheme with home-care service provider CareCentrix that allowed the health insurance company to fraudulently inflate copayments and coinsurance paid by patients. For example, one plaintiff, a sleep-apnea patient, alleges he was charged a $25.68 for a disposable airway pressure filter from J&L Medical Services, one of over 9,000 CareCentrix approved home care and service providers. Unbeknownst to him, J&L allegedly contracted with CIGNA and CareCentrix to provide the device for only $7.50. The litigation alleges that Cigna knowingly pocketed the difference. 

Another plaintiff alleges CIGNA charged her more than $2,000 for a blood test, claiming the procedure cost more than $17,000. The actual cost of the test was allegedly only $471. The suit alleges, CIGNA was greatly enriched at a detriment to the patient. 

The case is pending before U.S. District Court Judge Warren W. Eginton in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut. The case is Neufeld v. Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company et al., Case No. 3:17-cv-01693. 

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